Beefy Mac and Cheese

It is my second week back at school and my roommate and I have cooked numerous successful and…unsuccessful meals… all of which I forgot to take pictures of. However today was my favorite new recipe we tried. Beefy Mac and Cheese courtesy of Food Network Magazine’s October 2012 issue. We made a few substitutions to make the dish Cow Dairy and Gluten Free. The recipe is below but the dish was definitely a keeper.


We substituted the pasta for Barilla Gluten Free Penne, the breadcrumbs for Glutino bread crumbs. For the flour we used the Glutino All Purpose Flour. For the butter we used Earth Balance Original, for the milk we used Almond Milk Original. For the cheese we used Goat Gouda. Next time we make the dish we want to include more bread crumbs and leave it in the broiler longer to make the dish more crispy but we were rushing. Also, my stomach is super sensitive to spices so we left out the chili powder.


Our cheese sauce never thickened in the pot, we don’t know whether it was the gluten free flour or whether we didn’t whisk it enough so if anyone else tries the recipe please let me know if the same thing happens to you. Despite the sauce not thickening I think the dish still turned out well.



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