Super Bowl Snacks!

The Wall Street Journal tweeted that “Americans are expected to order 12.5 million pizzas today.” For a pair of roommates who are dairy and gluten free, pizza is not the ideal Super Bowl meal, so we decided to make a simple salad (which didn’t turn out), Taco Casserole, rice and Flourless Oatmeal Banana Cookies.

Our simple salad consisted of arugula, tomato, cucumber, and italian dressing, although unfortunately the arugula (that we just bought yesterday) went bad.

The Taco Casserole was a recipe we found on Pinterest ( We left out the chili powder and used daiya mozzarella cheese instead and but it was delicious and made up for the lack of salad.

IMG_4414 IMG_4419 IMG_4420

The cookies were, healthy…. We made them with chocolate instead of raisins, but I felt like they still needed the raisins so I added them on top. My roommate loved them, but I felt they were a little healthy. I can’t decide how I feel about them, but they were definitely good. Here is the recipe


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