The Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies are Here!

 Today I opened my mail to one of my favorite surprises of the year, my valentines day package from my grandma. Usually it includes some chocolate and an annoying talking or singing stuffed animal. Which I always love but my roommates not so much…


Today it came and there was a surprise with the talking stuffed animal, GLUTEN FREE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!! My first box of the toffee-tastic cookies. Every time someone has asked me if I want to buy girl scout cookies, my follow up question is “when will I get them because I want to try them as soon as possible”. I have since ordered from more people than I know hoping A.) I would like them and be happy I ordered multiple boxes and B.) one of them would be the winning first box I get to try. Sorry to everyone I ordered from, your box won’t be the winning first box, but I will gladly still take what I ordered because they are DELICIOUS!

I was a little nervous when I first opened them because they didn’t look great and I had hyped them up so much in my head I was sure I was going to be disappointed…But they are pretty good! Definitely not soft and chewy like the other girl scout cookies,  but they are the perfect balance of salty and sweet. And seeing as they are the only girl scout cookies I can actually eat….


(^ Thats me and the new gluten free girl scout cookies!)

My Nana and Poppy are the best!! Go buy a box of the Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies if you haven’t tried them yet!

IMG_4423 IMG_4424

P.S There is a second kind of Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies out there. If anyone knows someone who is selling them PLEASE let me know as I am dying to try them all!

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