Mommy Daughters Day in NYC

Before I go back to school every year my mom has a mommy daughters day in New York City with my little sister and I. Usually the day involves shopping, a broadway show, and good food. Although our shopping ventures were unsuccessful our food adventures made up for it!

After seeing an Udi’s recipe for Mac n Cheese Pizza my sister (who is not gluten free) was craving pizza for lunch. She did a search for Gluten Free pizza places near Midtown and found PizzArte on Yelp. Usually I am skeptical about restaurants with Gluten Free options if I haven’t heard of them before. I am not super sensitive but after being “glutened” twice last summer I try to be more careful with cross contamination now. The reviews on Yelp were pretty positive so I decided to give it a try. On the menu outside of the restaurant they did not have any gluten free options, but when we went inside we asked the hostess if they had gluten free pizza and she smiled and nodded. We sat down and the waiter started to speak in Italian to us. I got a little nervous that he wouldn’t understand when I said Gluten Free. None the less, I ordered a Gluten Free Margarita Pizza to share with my mom. When the pizza came out the guy who brought the pizza to the table told us it was gluten free and the waiter came by after the food was delivered to assure us which pizza was the gluten free one and which was regular. And you could tell the difference, so I felt safe.

The pizza was incredible! Unfortunately because I am new to this blog thing I forgot to take pictures, but the crust was not flat as a board! It had a little bit of fluff, it had flavor! It would look like regular pizza if there wasn’t a regular pie sitting next to it. They have 1 wood burning oven downstairs and I don’t know if they take different measures to the Gluten Free pizzas versus the regular, but I am okay with a little cross contamination so I didn’t ask any questions. If you are super sensitive I would recommend investigating their process before you go, but for someone who can handle a little bit of cross contamination I definitely recommend you visit!! It was also relatively quick which is perfect for gluten free lunch options in New York.


Our shopping adventures were unsuccessful and therefore very quick, so with time to spare we took a trip to Sprinkles! For those of you who don’t know Sprinkles has 1 Gluten Free Flavor and that is Red Velvet. It even comes with a G Sprinkle on it so you can tell it apart from the regular Red Velvet. One of my favorite baked goods! See my restaurant list for my other favorite baked goods.


Our last stop of the day before heading to the theater was to Lili’s 57. Lili’s is one of my favorite restaurants in the world! A family friend recommended it to us 2 years ago. And after not having dumplings for over 8 years, I was in heaven and now every trip to New York warrants a visit to Lili’s. Usually I get Gluten Free Dumplings Pan Fried and Gluten Free Sweet and Sour Chicken. This time I decided to switch it up a bit and have their Rock Shrimp Tempura Roll with my dumplings. So good! Everything that usually isn’t Gluten Free about Chinese Food they can make Gluten Free. Of course I forgot to take pictures. The photo above is an old picture I took of some reheated take out dumplings. Obviously they don’t look as good reheated as they do fresh, but for a rare gluten free find they still look perfect to me.

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