So after making pancakes for brunch 2 Sundays in a row, my roommate and I decided that Pancake Sunday would now be a thing. Last Sunday, we made pancakes using Pamela’s Gluten Free Pancake Mix. We added chocolate chips, bananas, strawberries, and white chocolate peanut butter. It was a bit of a hodge podge but still delicious.

This Sunday, we decided to try an even better recipe, 5 ingredient banana pancakes, courtesy of our friend Sydney. Sydney aka Chef Squid made up this super easy recipe for pancakes (it is Gluten and Dairy Free) and they were amazing! We put blueberries and maple syrup on them. We were going to also try putting chocolate chips in them, but we totally forgot. The pancakes are the first of many recipes we will be trying off of Sydney’s blog (we are trying Spaghetti Squash this week)! Check out the recipe for her pancakes and the rest of her blog here!


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