Wayyyy better healthy cookies

So do you remember the Super Bowl Snacks post? This one here where I talked about the healthy cookies. Yeah I changed my mind. Not so good. Gabe and I are both leaving tomorrow for the weekend so we decided to clean out our fridge. This included a modge podge risotto with 5 minute steamed brussels sprouts. Recipe here, because our brussels sprouts went bad and we couldn’t make the balsamic ones we usually make. Anyway, we finished dinner and realized we still had 3 bananas that would go bad while we were gone, so we decided to find a new recipe for healthy cookies. These had a lot more sugar and a lot more chocolate chips so they were 100x better!!


P.S 150 c= 256 F, we did 255 and ours only cooked for 10 minutes. We also added a lot more oats so they didn’t get all runny. The recipe made 18 cookies, I think? We started eating before they were finished 😛

Recipe here! We also used regular sugar, no splenda in our house.

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