Don’t leave me cooking alone

So I have become slightly obsessed with Pinterest lately because I am getting tired of cooking the same 3 things. My beautiful roommate however, is picky. Doesn’t touch raw chicken, nothing processed… so Pinterest recipes are not a frequent occurrence in our house. I know you are reading this Gabe so sorry!

Gabe left me all alone to cook dinner so I decided I was going to have a frozen pizza because I don’t like cooking alone. She didn’t like that idea. She told me I needed to pick a recipe that she doesn’t like off my Pinterest board and make it. I decided to make Skinny Shrimp Pasta Alfredo Bake. A recipe I found that she told me we couldn’t make because there is no dairy free alternative for alfredo sauce.

Remember how I said I don’t like to cook alone. Well I invited my former roommate, Stephanie, over to cook with me and we made the Skinny Shrimp Pasta Alfredo Bake. I am convinced we can make it dairy free since the recipe has the recipe for the alfredo sauce but I took a short cut since Gabe wasn’t home and used Newman’s Alfedo Sauce and it was just as good.

It is definitely a repeat recipe and Stephanie can agree!


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