Very Delayed Spaghetti Squash Review


Remember my post a while back about my friend Sydney’s blog, Chef Squid, and how I said I was going to try all the recipes on her blog. Well I meant to and I tried some of them, I just never had a chance to write about them due the whole school thing…. But now that I officially have a job 🙂 I have loads of time to write about my cooking adventures.

A couple of months ago I tried her Spaghetti Squash recipe. We followed the recipe exactly, the only difference is that we didn’t use sausage and we used precooked shrimp instead of frozen shrimp. I felt as though the dish lacked flavor without the sausage so I added chicken meatballs to my half and my roommate added hot sauce to her half to make up for the flavoring. We also went light on the seasonings because we didn’t know how much to include. Next time we need to go heavier on the seasonings and add some flavorful meat to go with it.

Even with the substitutions, the recipe was delicious and super easy to make. Definitely one to try!

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