Passover is a Gluten Free Gal’s Favorite Holiday

This year, I was able to go home for Passover for the first time in three years and I was so excited because Passover is my favorite holiday!! Most people say Christmas or Hanukkah is their favorite holiday, but for me its Passover. Most people are in agony over not being able to eat bread or anything that rises for an entire week, but if you are gluten free, it’s a breeze because you technically keep Passover 365 days a year. Depending on which rules you follow that isn’t necessarily true but based on the rules my family goes by, I pretty much keep Passover year round.

Unfortunately Matzah is not Gluten Free which is why I have missed being able to go home for Passover. Everything Hillel makes usually has matzah meal in it, which means I can’t eat it. But at home, mom makes everything with Gluten Free Matzah Meal and no one can tell the difference. Besides the cooking and family aspects of Passover, the best part of it all is the Gluten Free Sweets. All of the cakes and cookies the stores usually stock up on for Passover are GLUTEN FREE! Hence the picture below. I usually buy boxes of cakes and cookies and freeze them to enjoy year round because they only come out with them during Passover.


(Yes that is an entire suitcase full of cookies, I will be set on sweets for the next year 🙂 ) I bought black and white cookies, lady fingers, rainbow cookies, and bon bons 🙂

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