The Ultimate #TBT


When I turned 13, I had a Bat Mitzvah and for my mitzvah project I decided to make a brochure for kids with Celiac Disease. When I was diagnosed all of the information they gave me on Celiac was scary. It was geared towards adults and I didn’t understand it. I decided that for my mitzvah project I was going to make a brochure for kids to explain Celiac Disease in a more kid friendly way. I also set up an email address for people to email to email and ask questions. My brochure was distributed to newly diagnosed patients at the University of Maryland Medical Center and St Barnabus Hospital.  I also received a gold star from the University of Maryland for my brochure. I decided for this Thursday I would post the brochure I created for the hospitals to distribute. It is extremely outdated, especially with how common Gluten Free has become, but some of the explanations I think are still very valid!


mels celiac brochure

mels celiac brochure2

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