Rice Wraps Sushi Review!

I was first introduced to Rice Wraps during the GFAF Expo in Atlanta on April 18th and as I wrote in my recap post, Gabe and I bought some rice to try it on our own. This weekend, we finally had a chance to try it! We bought cucumber, carrots, and shrimp to put in our sushi and we were so excited because it was SO easy at the GFAF Expo.

We cut all of our ingredients, laid out our supplies and were ready to roll!


Our first roll was done and we were so excited to try it, although only to our disappointment all of the rice cracked the second we cut into the roll.


so we decided it would be best to enjoy that roll as a hand roll.


Determined to make it work, we tried again and again and after 4 rolls we still couldn’t get the rice to stay. We didn’t want to waste the rice though so we ate the 4 rolls as bowls and hand rolls and waited to do some more research on the product before trying the other 4 rolls.

We found a video on the Rice Wraps website that had some helpful tips and the next day tried it again. Our next 2 rolls were better but not perfect…. and then after 6 attempts….




We got 2 perfect rolls!! I listed below our keys to success. The directions on the package were not very descriptive so these keys to success were definitely a huge help! The rice was so tasty and now that we have our technique perfected, we are so decided to order more and play around some more!

Keys to success:

  • Defrost the rice for a lot longer than the package says to. We left the rice on the counter to defrost while we prepared the ingredients and then defrosted it under hot water for at least 3 minutes. Until the whole pack felt warm.
  • Don’t put the seaweed in the middle of the rice, place the seaweed at the edge of the rice
  • Wet the knife before cutting the roll and wipe it with a damp towel before cutting each piece of sushi
  • Squeeze the roll as tight as possible when rolling the sushi so the rice sticks better

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