Gluten is Everywhere!

When I was first diagnosed I was warned that gluten is in everything. Not just food. For example, did you know the seal on lick and seal envelopes sometimes has gluten in it? I am loyal to the products I use, so once I initially read the ingredients on all the products I consumed, food or non food, I got used to everything in my life just being gluten free. However, once I got older I started experimenting with different curl creams and shampoos for my now curly hair and forgot that I need to still be reading the labels. Obviously with food I am still constantly reading but after 10 years I have forgotten that gluten runs in everything!! Toothpaste, lipstick, shampoos, gels, lotions and you don’t realize how it gets absorbed into your body and effects you. 

I recently got my hair done at a new place and they said to me are you okay with product in your hair? I thought that was a weird question, I’m coming to get my hair done for a special occasion so I want it to hold. But then it clicked with so many people having allergies now they have to be careful with what products they use. So I told them yes as long as it doesn’t have gluten in it. I read every label at the store and found that the shampoo and conditioner they were going to use on my hair had wheat in it, and so did their mousse.

Two weeks after that happened, I stayed in a hotel. I read the ingredients on the shampoo and conditioner they provided and it had wheat in it. I tried to use my sisters shampoo and conditioner instead and hers had wheat too. They discontinued my hand lotion so I went to try a new brand. I got home and realized it had wheat! My roommate recently suggested I try her curl cream to tame my curls and I was about to put in my hair and I read the words wheat protein on the label. 

Just because it’s not food, doesn’t mean you don’t have to read the labels. Gluten can be in everything, even prescriptions. For those new to gluten free, check absolutely every product you use that touches your body. For those who have been gluten free for a while, reread your ingredients. Products change ingredients all the time!

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