Another Gluten Free Birthday!

Here’s to 22! Another year gluten free and another birthday! This year was filled with multiple birthday treats. On my actual birthday, my mom and I went to Eatly in New York City and to our surprise, so many of their pastries were gluten free. I got a gluten free hazelnut mousse cake.

Then at dinner they brought out a flourless chocolate cake for me with a candle, which was a total surprise because my mom and I bought a gluten free banana chocolate cake to have at home.


My college roommate called as we were about to have cake at home so she Skyped in to the celebration. Below is the Chocolate frosted gluten free banana bread cake that we purchased at Pipps Bakery in New York.


I definitely saved the best for last however, Gluten Free Cake Pops! From The Little Cakes. So many flavors. All gluten free. She recently moved to California so they were shipped special for my birthday but they are my absolute favorites.


4 cakes, 100% gluten free = another amazing birthday!

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