Gluten Free in Florence

As I have mentioned in a previous post, traveling in Italy when Gluten Free is a joy! Everyone understands what Gluten is and they are extremely careful about it, I like to refer to it as the Gluten Free Mecca. This year we went to Florence and it was no different!

I did my research ahead of time this time, because last time we decided to find a gluten free pizzeria mid-trip in Italy we ended up walking for an hour and a half. In my research I found a place called Starbene- Gluten Free Bakery. According to the website I found it on, they have gluten free cakes, pizzas, bread, pastries, rolls, tarts and more. Unfortunately we went relatively late in the day so they didn’t have a lot left, but I was still able to get a gluten free eclair and a mini pizza.


I also found a place called Ciro’s & Sons and I was told we need to call ahead to make a reservation for our gluten free pizzas. No, not the table, the pizzas. I was excited to try it so we made our reservations and went. We went on a walking tour that day and when we asked our guide to point us in the direction of the restaurant, he told us that they had the best pizza in Florence. I was so excited because the best pizzeria in Florence probably had the best gluten free pizza in Florence. And I was not disappointed. It was amazing!! I was able to enjoy Gluten Free Bruschetta and Gluten Free Pizza! (They even used colored plates to distinguish the gluten containing pizza from the gluten free pizza.)


As always, when visiting Italy, gelato is a must. One night at dinner we asked for a recommendation for a good gelato place and to my surprise they had gluten free cones! I cannot remember the name of the place but if i figure it out I will update the post!


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