The Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly Expo is BACK!

The GFAF Expo is BACK and I will be blogging again! This time in my home state of New Jersey!! The GFAF Expo hits the Garden State October 3-4 and if you’ve never been before, it is every allergy kids dream (and adults too!) It is a giant ballroom filled with hundreds of gluten free vendors distributing samples of their products. The best part is, you can go the whole day without worrying if something is gluten free.


Not only is it gluten free, but it is also allergy friendly. When I went to the GFAF Expo in Atlanta this year, I brought two of my good friends. One of my friends is dairy free, nut free, and shellfish free and my other friend is dairy free with a gluten sensitivity. Both of my friends had an amazing time even though they are not primarily Gluten Free. They were able to find tons of new products to try. My friend who is dairy free, nut free, and shellfish free tried a quesadilla for the first time and my friend who is dairy free and gluten sensitive made sushi!!! We even bought a kit to make our own sushi when we got home!!
IMG_5272Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 7.58.40 PM
This year I am going to be attending the GFAF Expo with my friend who was diagnosed with Celiac a little over a year ago. For someone who has recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease the GFAF Expo is a must. The Expo exposes you to tons of gluten free products on the market and allows you the opportunity to try before buying. Also, the GFAF Expo usually has local vendors allowing you to sample products that are unique to the area you live in.


One of the things I am most excited about is the savings. Gluten free food is expensive. And if you haven’t realized that yet, you might want to re-read those labels and make sure you are eating 100% gluten free. The GFAF Expo is only $20 or less (see bottom of post for more information.) That $20.00 gets you hundreds of dollars of gluten free samples and coupons for even more savings. For any college student or person on a tight budget the GFAF Expo is a must!


So have I convinced you to attend yet? If I have, you can get tickets now through 9/2 for 30% off using code EARLYBIRD!  Hope to see you there! 🙂

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