2016 Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Expo Recap

I wish I could say the reason I’m writing this recap two weeks late is because I was busy trying all the amazing food I brought home from the expo, but in reality I have just been really busy. The nice thing about being busy post-GFAF Expo is that I had two bags of amazing snacks and products to take with me!

This year was my fourth visit to the GFAF Expo but the first time I was able to make it to both days! I was really glad I went both days because I wanted to try food from all of the vendors and I didn’t have nearly enough stomach space to try them all in one day.


I’ve noticed that every Expo has a trend of products being sampled and friends, it looks like this year is the year of brazil bites and pizza. (Previous years were bagels and grilled cheese) I have to be honest though, I am not a huge fan of brazil bites. It has nothing to do with the vendors but more of the taste. They just seem…. bland. Pizza however…. 😍😍

I tried so many different kinds of pizza at the Expo this year I’m not even sure I could name my favorite. Still Riding Pizza Crust was one of my Day 1 favorites and I think it still tops the charts.

As a blogger, I arrived at the GFAF Expo a half hour before doors opened. Upon arrival I was shocked (and thrilled) to find that there was already a massive line to get into the Expo. The Gluten Free and Allergy community in the NY/NJ area has grown so much in the last few years. They told us they were expecting 4,000 people over the next two days. Insane!

Love with Food gave a sample box to all of the bloggers as a gift and I was so excited. I heard about the switch from Send Me Gluten Free to Love with Food and I was curious what kind of products they would provide. Love with Food also has non-gluten free subscription services so I was a little nervous. The products they send are all prepackaged so that isn’t the concern, it’s just making sure they don’t mix your box up with a gluten containing box. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The box was labeled gluten free and so were the products inside of it. I didn’t recognize any of the products inside but they all look and taste amazing!! They definitely made a fan in me. As soon as I finish my samples from the expo I am subscribing!


I highlighted some of my favorite vendors in my Day 1 recap such as Delights, Sugar Flake Bakery, Maninis, Munk Pack and Sweet Note Bagels. So instead of writing about them again, just check out my post! (P.S. Even after Day 2 they are still some of my favorites)

I’m a big fan of Snack Factory’s Pretzel Chips and I actually eat them for breakfast every morning. I found out that they made gluten free products at the GFAF Expo last year. And this year, I discovered a new favorite product…. Apple Cinnamon Fruit Sticks. They are dried apples with cinnamon and taste great!


I owe my next discovery all to Lindsey at Hoboken Farms. She sent me an email prior to the GFAF Expo so I made sure to stop by and try their products. They were sampling their Big Pasta Sauces and they were amazing. I officially have a new favorite brand of pasta sauce. 🙌


One of the things I miss most about being Gluten Free is being able to sit down at a restaurant and order a bowl of soup. Broccoli and Cheddar soup pre-Celiac was my weakness. Full Flavor Foods was sampling all kinds of soups and gravies. Including my weakness. Broccoli and Cheddar soup! 🙌

I was so full by the end of the Expo I didn’t have room to try anything else but someone from RP’s Pasta told me I had to stop and try their pasta. It’s easy to convince me to try something when it’s gluten free. I am so glad their representative stopped me because their products were amazing!! I can’t wait to try the full line!

Gluten Free Allergen Friendly Expo Year 4: ✅

I absolutely cannot wait for Year 5! I already have the date in my calendar: October 14-15, 2017!



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